Tweedsmuir Polish Camp

Tweedsmuir Camp -  Aerial Photograph

Aerial photograph taken on Saturday 29th January 1946 at about noon.

Tweedsmuir Camp 1969

Photo I took from the water tower hill in 1969.

Please enjoy this PICTORIAL HISTORY of TWEEDSMUIR CAMP which includes 100 images in a number of dated archives. This site is dedicated to all the families who lived and experienced Tweedsmuir Camp from 1947 to 1957.


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For a more comprehensive site on the History of Tweedsmuir Camp compiled by the ROGALSKI brothers check out I have been very disappointed by the ROGALSKI brothers who have put their arrogance before my objectives and have failed to supply me photographs which I requested months ago without success. The above attitude has been common, which has caused much frustration thus causing inactivity on my part.